Cynthia M. Watson

Cynthia Mervis Watson is board certified in family medicine and is nationally recognized as practitioner and lecturer in the field of integrative medicine. Seen on national television, Dr. Watson is known for incorporating conventional medicine with herbal medicine, homeopathy, natural hormone therapy and nutrition. Her treatment approach focuses on wellness and the preventive ways to achieve greater vitality and extend the quality of life.

Dr. Watson was introduced to European system of medicine, which blends herbs, homeopathy and other types of supportive therapy combined with conventional medicine in 1971. After two years at Ohio State Univeristy, she moved to a remote corner of Norway to work on a Biodynamic farm. She became a student of the teachings of Rudolph Steiner, Ph.D. and developed an interest in the naturopathic medicine practiced on the farm . With the assistance of Ursula Johansson, the matron of the farm, Dr. Watson was able to attain a position as a nurse’s aide in a small homeopathic hospital in the Black Forest region of Germany. The region is famous for its mineral spas such as the spa at Baden Baden and for its healing regimens. Inspired by her European education of the homeopathic methods available for health care, she returned to Pittsburgh to begin her journey to become a physician.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1977 at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, graduating Magna Cum Laude and received an award for Excellence in the Sciences as well as the America Chemical Society Award for Research in Physical Chemistry. For two years, she did research in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Southern California School of Medicine. In 1979, she began her medical training at the USC School of Medicine.  During her medical training, Dr. Watson received scholarship awards from ARCS, an organization set up to provide scholarships to gifted students. She completed medical school in 1983 and  completed her residency at USC in the Department of Family Medicine in 1986.

Following her residency she began her medical practice at Prairie Medical Group and then transitioned to Women’s Medical Group of Santa Monica where she practiced for 5 years. She opened her own office in 1991 and since then has been in her own practice, known as Watson Wellness. A staff member of St. John’s Hospita in Santa Monica, Dr. Watson has a very successful private practice handling all areas of primary care. Her unique approach of incorporating conventional medicine with herbs, homeopathy and nutrition has set her apart in the world of medicine. Her innovative treatments of intravenous therapies vitamin injections are effective ways to boost the immune system and patients with viral infections, cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome

Dr. Watson is recognized as an authority in such areas as hormonal imbalances, menopause, immune disorders, sexual dysfunction and chemical toxicity. She has appeared on national television and lectures at numerous hospitals in the greater Los Angeles area including Kaiser, UCLA and St John’s Hospital..
In 2004, Dr. Watson was appointed to be a physician representative on California Bureau for Naturopathic Medicine Advisory Council. This board was established following the approval of licensure for naturopathic doctors in the state of California to regulate the guidelines for naturopathic doctors. She served on Advisory Council until 2010. Dr. Watson is also currently a reviewer for the California Medical Board and a consultant on medical legal issues.

To counteract the alarm generated by the use of conventional hormone replacement therapy, she is one of the foremost proponents and spokeswomen of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and the other options available for women in menopause. Considered an expert in environmental toxicology, in 1991 following the Cantara train derailment and toxic spill, she was asked to go to Redding to evaluate patients exposed to the chemicals. To further expand her treatment options, Dr. Watson received acupuncture training at the UCLA School of Medical Acupuncture. In 2013, Dr. Watson completed the exam to become baord certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Watson’s authored LOVE POTIONS, A GUIDE TO APHRODISIACS AND SEXUAL PLEASURES published in 1993 and she appeared on “Aphrodisiacs, Magic or Medicine” on the Discovery Channel. An updated edition of LOVE POTIONS was released in June of 2003. Her other publications include: USER”S GUIDE TO EASING MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS NATURALLY, a guide for women wanting to use a natural approach to menopause and ALL ABOUT LIPOIC ACID, BETTER SEX IN MIDLIFE. She coauthored Improved Immune Activtion Markers in Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction (CFIDS) Patients Treated with Thymic Protein A, published in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

As a part of her own health program, Dr. Watson believes a in healthy life style as a way to achieve good health and longevity. She maintains being an example to her patients with a healthy diet and exericise program. Dr. Watson has a son, Ryan who is active in the organic urban farming movement. A gift from her son, she has a garden plot at Oceanview farms where she is harvesting her own organic vegetable and growing flowers. She believes in having a balanced lifestyle with time for creativity and relaxation. She has been studying dance, jazz and ballet at several studios in Los Angeles for over 20 years. She enjoys plaing piano and making jewelry. As as avid travelor and photographer, you will find many photographs from her travels on the walls at the office. Dr. Watson believes in empowering each of her patients to acheive their goals for a healthy life.