Office Policies

Below are a few reminders and updates about lab hours, results, scheduling, emails and prescription protocols for Watson Wellness:

Lab hours:

There is a nurse available to draw blood from

8:30 AM to 12: 30 PM and 2:00 PM until 4 PM, Monday through Thursday

Friday lab hours are from 8:30 to 1 PM

If you want to have a blood test you must have an appointment scheduled with the nurse and an order from your doctor.

If you are an established patient, we recommend you have routine or yearly blood tests done at least two weeks before your scheduled appointment, which must be approved by your physician. Please be aware that we charge for venipuncture and handling of the blood.

If you cannot come to our office during regular lab hours, please arrange with your physician in advance to get a blood work prescription for an outside lab.

Specialty tests such as Spectracell, Doctors Data and Genova are drawn in-house before 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday only.

Lab Results:

Our practice is based on an integrative medicine model. Once we receive the results, we will be advising you regarding medications, supplements and lifestyle changes. You must have an appointment to review any lab results. Please make appointment with your practitioner to review your results of your blood test.  Accommodations can be made for phone appointments but insurance and Medicare does not reimburse these. The charge is $100.00 per 15 minutes.


Many people find that emailing is a more efficient way to contact us; however email may not always be reliable. Please be aware that email is not for serious, urgent or emergency issues.

Emails are for brief, non-emergency questions. We may not be able to answer your questions via email. If you have complex issues on an email, you will be asked to make an appointment.

Email cannot be used for prescription requests for new prescriptions or refills. If it is for a medication you have had before, contact your pharmacy for a refill and they will fax a request.

Please do not send photos via email unless requested to do so. Due to HIPPA laws we cannot guarantee your privacy when any issue is reported via email.


We require a yearly visit to provide refills of prescriptions including compounded hormones. Prescriptions can take up to 48 hours to be refilled. Please remember that we close at 3:00 pm on Fridays. This means that prescriptions requested on Thursday after 5 p.m. may not be refilled until Monday.  Please do not call the office after office hours or on weekends to request routine prescriptions refills.

If you are requesting a prescription that is new to our office, depending on the nature of the request, you may be asked to come in for an appointment.  There is a $25 charge per new prescriptions if you are not able to seen for an appointment.

Our goal is to give you high quality preventative medical care. Thank you for cooperation.

The Staff at Watson Wellness