Get the Most Out of Your Appointment


Here are 10 points that can help you get the most out of your time at your appointment   
1. Come prepared:  
• Make a list of your concerns and symptoms. Bring a list of all of your medications and supplements with the dosages. For supplements if you bring the brand name that is sufficient.
• If you are an established patients make sure to let us know if any medications or dosages have changed
• Bring with your past medical history and any lab tests that were done outside of the office.
• If you are a new patient complete the forms ahead of time. They can be downloaded from the website or mailed to you in advance.
• Prepare a written history, especially if you have had a complex medical history with multiple surgeries or treatments
2. Specific concerns: 
• If you have concerns about a specific condition, read about it ahead of time.
• We appreciate your research, however, it is best not to bring long articles or pages unless you can leave them for us to look at later. Most likely we will not have time to look at during you appointment.
3. Please discuss your concerns with us:  
• We are aware that many patients are frightened and anxious before their appointment. You may fear that you have a serious condition or that we will find something serious.
• It is important for us as your health care practitioner to help support you with these issues.
4. Plan to give yourself adequate time for your appointment: 
• Don’t schedule something immediately after your appointment. It can take longer than you think
• It can take time to check in and check out, have lab work done or any procedure that would be recommended. All of these have to be factored into your appointment time.
• Although we try to stay on time, emergencies do happen. We are a primary care office and many times there are things going in the background that slow us down or other patients that need more time.
5. Be on time, especially if you have an early appointment:  
• Arriving late will throw off the schedule for other patients.
• Please call us if you are running late
• If you are late you may have to be worked into the schedule and have to wait longer to be seen.
• If you have a later appointment you can call and ask if we are running late.
6. Bring a relative or friend with you to your appointment:  
• When critical decisions about your health care need to be handled, It can be
important to have another ear and have someone close to you who can help you
make a decision about testing or treatment.
7. Tell us if there is something you don’t understand or you feel that you cannot do:  
• We have lots of tool available to explain things better for you.
• Many of the treatments we recommend are lifestyle changes that will benefit your health.
• Let us know if there is something we recommend that you do not want to do, a medication you don’t want to take or a program you feel unable to follow through with.
• We can set up a program to help you or tailor a program for your individual needs.
• We are here to empower you to help you stay healthy. This is your health so make sure you understand the treatment plan.
8. If you have a specific diagnosis you may want to ask the following questions: 
• What might have caused this?
• What are the treatment choices?
• What are the benefits and risks of treatment or not treating the condition?
• Since we are an integrative practice, you may want to know the conventional medical approach and compare it to a more naturopathic approach.
• What are the potential side effects or risks of the treatment?
9. Be honest and open about your condition and concerns: 
• By law we are not permitted to discuss your condition with any one unless you give us permission.
• Everything you tell us is confidential.
10. Find out about resources available to you for your situation:  
• There may be referrals, internet sites or classes that you can take to help you.
Our relationship with you is important. Our goal is to be your partner in creating excellent health and maintain a great quality of life.