Surgery Protocols

If you are having surgery there are many things to plan for before and after. Please review any suggestions here with you primary care doctor and your surgeon.




Specific supplements need to stopped at least two weeks before surgery:

Fish oil supplements
Garlic tablets
Excess vitamin E
Excess Vitamin C
Aspirin or any herbs that contain salicylic acid such as white willow bark or black cohosh
St Johns Wort


Many vitamins are safe to take before surgery such as B vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Specific nutrients that help the liver to detox can prevent toxicity from anesthesia. Probiotics are also important to help intestinal function.


Intravenous vitamin drips can be tailored specifically to support healing.


After surgery, the recovery can sometimes be complicated and challenging. Specific nutrients are recommended to promote healing. Vitamin C, minerals and enzymes help with collagen and tissue repair. Many companies have formulas that are made just to support healing.


Contact us if you are having surgery for our protocols.