Earthquake Preparedness

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Disaster Seminar series at UCLA Medical Center. It was very informative and I thought I would pass along valuable information for you. Living in Southern California we are at risk for a large damaging earthquake greater than a 7.8 within the next 30 years. So it’s not if but when this will happen, where will the epicenter be and how large it will be that is unpredictable. Therefore we need to be prepared.


They made the following suggestions

Be sure any heavy furniture pieces and appliances

Have your water heater strapped to the wall

Have a 3 day food and water supply on hand for each member of your family

Create a flash drive with copies of important papers: birth certificate, passports, insurance information

Have flash lights, batteries and a transistor radio

Emergency contact information – have an out of sate contact person

Have a meeting location and a back up in case the first one is not reachable


We are considering ordering several things to have for people emergencies. If we purchase these in bulk we can get the cost down. Please reply back if you are interested in any of these products. Once we know what people are interested in, we will get back to you on prices.


Water purification tablets

Antimicrobial wipe

First aid kit for ___ people

Bach flower – rescue remedy

Traumeel cream and tablets

Disposable gloves


Hand sanitizer

We also have the option of getting some prescription medicines for people to have on hand.


For more information check the website www.


San andreas fault moving 4 -5 cm year

2010 fault activity map of ca

7.8 180 miles

100 seconds of fault rupture up to 2 minutes

50 x greater than Northridge

59% likely of San Andreas fault in next 30 years Occur every 150’years 1857 last one1680. From lower fault 99% chncee of greater than 7.9 Annual state wide drill October 10:20am Water systems Fire extinguisher Drop cover hold on


strp furniture and appliances

Secure tv

Water heater

3 day food supply

Have family plan

Water for 3 days


Dropcpverand hold

Check list

Medication-extra months supply

Falsh drive with copy of essential I’d

Have an out of state contact may be able to send texts Emergency meeting location plus back up Have small bills on hand Gas in car don’t wait until lighth goes on never less than 1/2 tank


If inside stay inside – if outside stay outside Get under something sturdy More likely tone injured if moving Buildings rarely collapse -get Do not get in a doorway triangle of life not based on fact Protect yourself from falling objects If you are in bed stay there as long as nothing can fall on you If in high rise don’t try to tleave, stay away from windows If driving pull over and set brake If in stadium get on floor and protect head and neck



A repeat of this lecture will be open to the public on November 1, 2011 at the Santa MonixcaSm library