To Alkalize or Not to Alkalize

To Alkalize or not to alkalize

In recent years there has been a trend towards drinking alkaline water to stay healthy. What is so important about staying alkaline.? How do we achieve a more alkaline state without buying expensive machines or costly bottled water?

Staying alkaline for is believed to be better for overall health. Diseases such as cancer and arthritis occur in an acidic environment,so staying alkaline is better to reduce the risk of cancer

In general, our culture is more acidic both with the food we eat and the stress levels of daily life that promote acidity. Diets that are heavy in sugar, animal protein, coffee and alcohol promote acidity.

But becoming too alkaline can also be risky. Our stomach needs acids to break down proteins. We know that overuse of acid blocking agents in the stomach can lead to other intestinal disorders such as small bowel bacterial overgrowth. Also for women, the vaginal secretions are very acidic and help promote normal bacteria, lactobacillus, that produce lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide to prevent abnormal bacteria from growing. Our urine also is more prone to infection when it becomes more alkaline. We use cranberry extract to keep the urine acidic and prevent infection.

Our overall body PH is around 7.2-7.4. If you want to check yourself the best way is to measure your PH with PH papers. Check your saliva in the morning when you wake before you brush your teeth and then measure the PH of your first morning urine. That will give you some idea of where you are.

How to become alkaline if you are too acidic:

If your PH is below 7 and your urine is also acidic (6 or below), it is a good idea to get more alkaline. Diet is important and is the best way. Incorporating more alkaline foods such as greens will help. Reduce the amount of caffeine, meat, alcohol and sugar. Drink water with pure organic lemon juice.

Supplements also help: buffered vitamin c, minerals of any kind will make you more alkaline. There are several companies that have drops that can be mixed in water. If you use an alkaline water machine make sure your drink the water quickly. Most of the machine made alkaline water doesn’t stay that way. Make sure if you are buying water from a bottle that you test is to make sure it is still alkaline. Many of the store brands don’t maintain their alkalinity.

In summary, yes its important to stay alkaline but not too alkaline. Measuring your PH is essential to monitor your progress. There are many ways to maintain a more alkaline state.

For more information my favorite book is Alkalinize or Die, by Thomas Baroody.


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